Hi, I'm Sean Harman

If I could have created my dream job, it would look very similar as it does today.

Since I was a child, I have always been intrigued by films, light and cameras and every chance I had in school I would use my little pocket camera to create films and photographs for every presentation.

Moving through university I developed a passion for photography whether it be people, products or cars. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing these memories so they have them forever.

After graduating with Bachelor of Film at Griffith University I went in search for a job and came across a company that created wedding films like I have never seen. The way it was shot with the story telling and the creativity I knew this was my calling. With a strong determination to learn and a great mentor I started to create these timeless stories of happiness between two people. The company boomed and won many awards filming all around Australia and best of all I was the lead videographer.

Always looking to further better myself I decided to create my own company Creative Flow Studios at the end of 2014. With my own company and challenges I gave everything into making sure I always over delivered and created films I was proud of. Still maintaining excellent quality and service I felt the only thing missing was that personal touch.
Its 2019 and with Creative Flow Studios still doing very well but I have decided to go personal and just be me.

So Hi, I’m Sean Harman and I would love to be part of your special day!


Just a little more about me,

I love technology its amazing how much it changes every year and I love having the best gear to do the best job.

I love machines, whether its Motorsport or just going for a nice ride on my motorbike I enjoy it all.

I love family, especially my dog Husky/Malamute/Shepard Kai!

I love exploring, travelling or just being outdoors is always a great time.